Fashionable ways to wear scarves

by Store Team

Scarves have always been an integral part of women's wear. In old times, apart from it decorative feature, a scarf definitely tied, pointed at the status of its owner. Nowadays, this accessory also remains relevant. There are some ways of tying a shawl.


This method will add refinement to your image, and it'll make you a heroine of an old French movie. So, fold your shawl in a triangle, throw if on your head, so that hair line and forehead were a bit open. Cross the ends under your chin and tie it in a knot on the back of your neck. There is another variant of this method. In this case just make a loose knot under your chin and flatten the ends. Head scarf in combination with *sunglasses will help to create a diva image.

The best choice for these methods are silk scarves the size of 84*84 and 89*89. Woolen scarves will also be relevant if you are in a fur coat or a coat of thick fabric. If you want your shawl to cover only your head than choose size 89*89 or 125*125, if you want it to drap on your shoulders than your size is 146*146.


This method can vary depending on your clothes. For example, if you are in jeans, you can pass a scarf into the belt loops and tie it in original way both in front or side. But if you wear a dress, then it becomes an excellent accessory if tied on your waist.

Business lady

It will suit elegant women preferring formal suit. Fold a shawl in a stripe, cross it twice round your neck and tie a neat knot on a reverse side. Also, instead of a knot you may fix it with kings or brooches. It's an excellent variant for a formal or romantic image. In this case choose silk scarves size 52*52, 65*65 or 84*84.

Boyarynya (Noblewoman)

A shawl loosely draped over your shoulders will make you feel comfortable and will add color to your image.


It has become popular recently. Fold a silk scarf in a thin stripe, twist it into a tow, wrap around your neck and tie ends into a knot.


This method is at the height of fashion and is popular among Hollywood celebrities. Russian girls are not accustomed to such method and only brave ones are not afraid to experiment. “Turban" will look great with sunglasses and big earrings on the beach. In this case choose silk scarf 130*130. Woolen scarf will suit a fashionable cut coat. Choose as oriental ornament cucumber as Russian flower patterns are not suitable for this purpose.

Bandage Pin-up

“Pin-up" girls stir-men's imagination again. If you want to be one of them these dress in retro style and put a bandage on your head. For this you can choose a silk shawl size 52*52 and 65*65 or to wrap it twice round you head if the size is 89*89. Silk shawls suit dresses and skirts more but if you put on jeans and plaid shirt then choose a batiste scarf of bright colors size 65*65.


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