Pavlovo Posad scarves and fashion

by Store Team

One era comes after another, tastes also change, new materials, new direction in culture, alongside fashion changes. Pavlovo Posad scarves – is that part of fashion that never changes. They were popular decades ago- they are popular now, though life styles of new and then differ greatly – they are absolutely different.

Pavlovo Posad scarves often became basis or even elegant highlight of famous designers fashionable collections. One of the designers who found inspiration in traditional Russian motives was fashion maestro , Russian fashion designer – Vyacheslav Zaitsev. His collection autumn – winter 2010, called “Istoki" (“origins"), was a real furor. Russian couturier showed the world delightful and luxurious Russian national image. Unique is the incredible harmony of Pavlovo Posad scarves with all elements of style. Besides, this feature is typical for both women's and men's collections.

Pavlovo Posad scarves couldn't leave indifferent sophisticated European fashion lovers. Among foreign couturier struck by the beauty of Russian motives are such legendary names as Ive Senloran, created “Russian collection" back in 1976. Yean Paul Gautier, designer Kenzo Antonio Marras, couture of fashion house Chanel Karl Lagerfeld, and many others. Regardless of the importance of the role, assigned to scarf in a collection, in the hands of professionals, it becomes a tool, with the help of which a designer expresses his concept, makes the individuality of collection.

The specificity of modern fashion is that new tendencies replace old ones but often the opposite is true. The relevance secret of Pavlovo Posad scarves is in harmony of traditions with the incredible stylishness, accuracy of expression and dynamic colors.


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