What you need to know about the scarf

by Store Team

Types of Russian scarves

Scarves – both men's and women's have never lost their relevance. Today we once again celebrate a splash of fashion to these elegant items. Today wraps are essential parts of the wardrobe of many fashion-mongers. It is not surprising because wraps sold in bulk in our store, are relevant both in cool summer evening and bitter frost.

Russian scarf size

To begin with, you should decide with the size of a scarf because to experiment with it you need space. A small scarf will limit your option, but you can experiment with knots. While a large scarf gives space to experiments.


Most important is not to forget about prevailing color spectrum in your clothes and what color is the outfit you are going to it with. Mind the ornament! It also should match your clothes.

Now about the Russian scarves themselves

Soft, medium size scarf loozly coild around you nag and slightly draped is always fashionable. The ends should be hidden. It suites any clothes without collar, sweaters or pullovers in particular. If a scarf has fringe or tassels they should be not hidden, instead they should be shown at least partially at the bottom.

Not to untwist the scarf should be fastened together by a decorative pin or brooch.

If you wear it under a low cut coat or jacket, you can tie it back to front, tine the ends over in a little band. It is both comfortable and fancy. Everyone might have notice that a scarf tied in a knot in front begins to hang with time as if losing its body. Besides, it is constantly moving around your neck. After tying it in a beautiful way fasten it with a color – headed pin or a tie pin. To make it more secure just pin it to your clothes.

A large scarf, not a shawls can be tied on your shoulders and to make it hold there fasten it with a brooch. You can also wear it on one shoulder, tucking its ends in the belt in front and on your back or tie it on your hip.

A scarf can replace a belt if tied on the waist as in folk, gypsy or orient costume. Though, it will suite only slim figures. A thin woolen or soft cottons scarf can be put on under a hat, to close ears and a throat. Better if it will be a fur hat or felt wide-brimmed hat while a scarf should be warn tight over your head. In case the scarves are warn and kept with care, they have a tendency to accumulate, forming a various and beautiful set. It will be nice if you collect 6-8 scarves: 34 plain, both light and dark and the same number of printed, though not very bright and variegated.

In order to fulling use such collection you can sew on a dress without a color or a sweater 4-6 loops along the edge of a neck and took a scarf folded flat into them, changing this ornament to your taste.

A scarf can be a good supplement to denim clothes. In this case use neck scarves of smaller size preferably plain or with a fine, distinct “necktie" pattern. But in no case they must be multicolored or variegated.

How to wear and tie scarves

You can wear a head scarf in a classical way (remember films of 60-s with elegant beauties), you can make a bandage or to throw a light silk scarf on shoulders in a romantic way. But you can literally wrap yourself in scarves from “head to toe": folded in a triangle or rectangle, wrapped round breast and tied on your back it will replace a summer top. Two scarves tied behind on your neck and crossing on your breast give you an opportunity to experiment with color and form. A big scarf tied on a waist like a shirt, even over jeans, makes interesting combination of a form and texture. A touchy and original party bag will make a beautiful scarf tied in a knot.

A small handkerchief, tied on a wrist on above the elbow what a fancy bracelet! Every scarf is both an example of genuine luxury, a true masterpiece and extremely functional thing. You can wear a scarf on your waist, on the neck or on the head. They give noble, expensive look to every clothing ensemble.


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