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Russian shawls

Russian shawls, unique by technology and design, originate in a small suburban town of Pavlovsky Posad. These wool shawls have become not just a cultural heritage of the city, they are very often considered to be a national symbol of Russia as a whole. Russian Pavlovo Posad shawls represent the style of Russian beauty. Russian shawls are characterized by symmetrical composition.

The main ornament is the flower one. The motto of the factory remains the same for many years "Flowers of Russia on your shoulders". The motif "Turkish cucumbers" is also popular, it is borrowed from the famous Indian Cashmere shawls. You always feel comfortable in Pavlovo Posad wool shawls - it is not cold in the winter and not hot in the summer heat. Now these shawls are at the height of fashion, and many famous Russian and foreign designers gladly use this accessory in their collections.

Due to the variety of color solutions every woman will find the shawl that suits her and her garment.

Russian shawl in Russia

Earlier one used print stamps to create woolen shawls, now Pavlovo Posad shawl Manufactory uses modern technology. The print is applied with special automatic grid patterns. Print pattern gives the ability to create an unlimited number of colors and to get thin clear outline. To create a single shawl one needs up to 20 forms.

Russian shawls are created by a small team of the factory. They are truly top class artists. Each pattern needs up to several months of construction. The factory also makes fabrics for shawls from wool, imported from Australia. It is the only place where one can find the white sheep, whose wool is suitable for shawls. Wool is taken from the back of neck. When shawl patterns are printed on white fabric, the fabric should be cut into squares. Afterwards each shawl must be serged or sewed on fringe. Woolen shawls are sewed on woolen or silk fringe. Russian Shawls of large sizes have long silk fringe, which is then manually knitted to create the famous shawl brush. Master makes the work on all shawl sides for about two hours.

Russian Pavlovo Posad shawls will serve you for many years if you treat them properly. They are made of pure wool. You cannot wash or bleach them, as well as dry in the drum of a washing machine, as it will lead to the deformation of the fabric.

If your Russian shawl gets dirty - give it to the dry cleaners. But if you get caught in rain or sleet in your shawl, it is recommended that you shake the shawl and dry it on a flat surface, having enclosed under it absorbing material, or iron through a cotton cloth.