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Russian wool scarves

Russian Pavlovo Posad wool scarves

Even in cold season the woman wants to stay beautiful, elegant and stylish. The only chance to achieve the desired result and keep healthy in autumn wet weather and winter cold is warm stylish clothing. In addition to austere stylish appropriate for any outfit Russian shawls made in Pavlovsky Posad you can buy in our online shop Russian scarves of different colours with exquisite patterns.

Airy soft and pleasant to touch lace scarves will warm you even in bitter cold. And a Russian scarf given as a present to your beloved will always remind you of warm feelings and tender care. In our shop you will find wool and silk women scarves at good price!

Russian scarves - products of masters

Russian scarves are made by small staff of the factory. All masters are real top class artists.

One needs several months to create each pattern. The factory also produces fabrics for scarves from the wool, imported from Australia. Because it is the only place where one can find the white sheep, whose wool is suitable for scarves.

Wool is taken from the back of neck. When scarf patterns are printed on white fabric, the fabric should be cut into squares. Afterwards each scarf must be serged or sewed on fringe.

Wool scarves are sewed on woolen or silk fringe. Scarves of large sizes have long silk fringe, which is then manually knitted to create the famous scarf brush.

Master makes the work on all scarf sides for about two hours!