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Russian silk scarves

Pavlovo Posad silk scarves or Russian silk scarves

You can choose and purchase Pawlowo Posad shawls and scarves In our huge catalog. We are guarantee best prices, perfect items quality and careful shipping worldwide. We ship items right from Pawlow Posad factory.

The main differences of silk scarves:

  • soft and smooth material is comfortable on hold, does not cause skin irritation;
  • natural composition guarantees protection from the harmful effects of chemical additives;
  • silk does not cause allergies, it is completely safe;
  • during the wearing shawl is not wrinkled, and not electrified.

Design of Pavlovo Posad scarves

When you choosing colors of scarves, please, focus on your wardrobe. Scarf should be combined with the clothes. Also, you may choose the color to your eye tissue.

In the store there are following designs:

  1. items with images of flowers and leaves.
  2. cell and strip.
  3. solid wraps.
  4. fine pattern.
  5. abstraction, etc.

Pawlowo Posad shawl can be combined with light summer dresses, outer autumn clothing. Scarves blends into the casual clothes and fits the classic suits.

Features of care

Small dirt on the silk Pawlowo Posad shawls is better to fix the method of dry-cleaning (soft brush). Allowed to hand wash in cold water. Drying - only in the expanded form without the use of heaters. Valet is available only with an iron regime "silk", first try on the wrong side of the fabric.

Our advantages

Shop "" accepts orders on Pawlowo Posad scarves online, the purchase can be made by e-mail. Thanks to the agreements with the manufactory and dealers, we offer our customers the best price. Regularly there are promotions and discounts.

Each order is considered individually, questions and suggestions can be sent to our store by e-mail or contact form on site. A staff counselor will help you choose your shawl, tells about the features of the behavior of silk and wool.

There are several methods of payment and shipping. If you found similar items cheaper, we will reduce price for you. Just tell us about it via e-mail.

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