Matryoshka - Russian nesting dolls

Matryoshka - Russian nesting dolls

Matryoshka is the most famous and beloved Russian souvenir makes a worldwide phenomenon. The first Russian matryoshka was made in the XIX century, meanwhile, it has immediately gained recognition as a symbol of Russia.

Matryoshka – is a symbol of Russian folk art. As a rule, they are made of wood of such deciduous trees as linden, birch, alder or aspen. The most fertile material is linden. The first Russian matryoshka carved by Vasily Zvezdochkin and painted by Sergei Malyutin was eight-bedded: the main was a girl with a black rooster followed by a boy, then a girl and so on. All figures were different and the last, the eighth was a swaddled baby. In 1900 Russian Matryoshka was exhibited on the World Exhibition in Paris and was awarded a medal and worldwide recognition.

Painting of matryoshka incorporates all bright, fresh associated with the revitalizing of the society. Matryoshka is both a sculptural and a pictorial work of art. It is the image and a Russian soul.

Russian Matryoshka has become a fashionable souvenir

Beautifully painted and expensive Matryoshka dolls are sold to the foreigners as a symbol of Russia. Behind this fascination we have forgotten that Matryoshka dolls is not only a decoration a souvenir, it is first of all a toy for children. And very useful one. Its pedagogical value is the envy of any modern manual.

With the help of matryoshka you can teach kids allocate size, compare things by the height, width, color or volume. It promotes coordination of hands, eyes, develops perception and thinking of little children.

Matryoshka dyed by hand is made in Sergiev Posad

There are different patterns of painting. Matryoshka is both a sculptural and a pictorial work of art. It is the image and a Russian soul Matryoshka is an exclusive Russian souvenir. Elegantly and delicately painted nesting doll is a symbol of Russia, incarnation of Russian tradition. Handmade painting turns it into an exclusive gift.