Russian shawls (Pavlovo Posad shawls) from Russia for fashionable women!

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Russian shawls - Pavlovo Posad shawls

Russian scarves are in great demand in womens wardrobes. Shawls and scarves are perfect and stylish in any weather.

Special attention is guaranteed to you, when you are wear it.

You will find hundreads of Russian shawls with different colours, patterns and sizes in our online store. Pavlovo Posad scarves are all machine knitted and they are all 1st class quality. Browse more information on our store FAQ page.

Russian shawls and scarves types

There are sevral types of wool and silk shawls:

  • 89*89 cm.
  • 110*110 cm.
  • 125*125 cm.
  • 135*135 cm.
  • 146*146 cm.
  • 148*148 cm.

All shawls and scarves are available to you. Just use our store catalog and you will find really cute items.

Russian shawls store assortment

If you are searching for artfully woolen Russian scarf to make your winters warmer or autumns more stylish, this is the best destination you could ever come to! Only in our store you have the chance to find amazingly beautiful and quality Russian scarves and Pavlovo Posad shawls.

Russian scarf is only natural wool and silk. An impressive diversity of patterns and styles, as well as color and design solutions, are applied for creating truly imposing scarves you will be fascinated with. We have made it a goal to make traditional Russian patterns popular within stylish women, who appreciate the whole grace a Russian scarf can bring to a feminine outfit. Paisley and floral patterns, as well as stripes and dots, make shawls luxurious and stylish.

These truly unique cloth pieces are created according to all the ancient traditional production methods. Due to the exceptional skillfulness and creativity of our knitters, you have the opportunity to have great accessories for as casual so prom wear: silk Russian scarves bring elegance and sophistication to a woman's look, while woolen Russian scarves make cold weather no longer a threat! You will feel warm and gorgeous once an exquisite woolen shawl appears around your gentle neck. Using exceptionally natural fabrics, we offer products to last for ages!

Even after years of usage, your shawl or scarf will look as fresh and attractive as new. Additionally, our productions are offered at stunningly low costs to meet anyone's budget! We guarantee you will find that very scarf to complete your breathtaking look here!

Russian Pavlovo Posad shawls store

We have created a convenient site with catalog and prices where Russian Pavlovo Posad shawls are presented in a wide range on multiple pages. We offer shawls and scarves from wool and silk. Our shop has a large variety of patterns of Russian scarves - from classic traditional designs to oriental and modern ones. There are photos of each product from different angles, so that you could take a careful look.

In our store you will find beautiful Russian scarves for any weather and to anyone's liking. Scarves and shawls of Pavlovsky Posad are an original and beautiful accessory to your everyday, festive and business image. Woolen products will help in cold weather. You can order a shawl and make it a good gift or souvenir for a foreigner. The process of buying of Russian scarves is organized as easy and convenient as possible. You can select the most suitable payment method, delivery of our products is carried out by Post Services.